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About Us

Goodfellas Seeds is a young company dedicated to the growth of new strains, preservation of old ones and to the purest extracts.

Enstabilished in 2009 in Amsterdam, primarely working on landraces personally picked throughout worldwide travels and friendly connections.

After many years of working behind the scenes, creating many extracts you could find in the most famous and innovative coffeeshops of Amsterdam, we decided to open the doors also to private customers, amateurs and connoisseurs.

Recently we started cooperating with the wizards at SunSeeds to bring you even more and new exciting strains.

We invite you to contact us to know what's in the house, or to request a specific strain, or even just to talk about it or pop any question.

Section progress background
Third time we attend to this competition. Had a really good feedback last years, let's hope for an even better this one!
Thanks to a relentless research, continuous inspiration and a little help from our friends at SunSeeds, a new generation of prime strains is almost ready to hit the market!
Second attempt to a competition, still no podium, but a very good placement amongst the other competitors. This year entry was StarWax from Lemon Haze.
First time I ever try to join a competition, entered the StarWax from Super Silver Haze. Placed above all the majors.
Fortunately I still had in a different location some of the original landraces it all began from and thanks to friends I made along the way I could recuperate many of the landraces I originally had. And the wheel spins again...
Due to unfortunate circumstances all the Goodfellas Seeds strains from the seed bank have been seized by the police. The court case is still ongoing...
Following the success of the first hybrid that was appreciated by many of the friends I made on the way (Luca from the Bushdocter, Franco from Greenhouse amongst others), I decided to bring it to the next level.
Represented the Bushdoctor coffeeshop in the 18th High Times Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam.
Many years after the first plant grown, I finally had enough knowledge and unique batches of selected landraces to attempt the first Goodfellas Seeds hybrid.
Few attempts after I started refining the solventless extraction with ice-o-lator and solvent extraction with purified bho.
With knowledge grew curiosity and therefore I understood that I could extract the active principle of the plant to have an even more concentrated burst of flavour and effect... The first attempt was not entirely successful though!
After the first realisation that what I tried to smoke could be grown by myself, I quickly came to the idea that I could grow it at the best of its potential and perhaps have a better, more refined smoke.

Cannabinoid guide


Lowers blood pressure, antibacterical, anti infiammatory, bone stimolant.


Decreases seizures, reduces nausea, pain reliever, increases appetite, relieves spasms, antioxidant, muscle relaxant, causes drowsiness, reduces anxiety.


Bone stimolant, antifungal, anti infiammatory, antibacterical.



Anti infiammatory, antioxidant, pain reliever, relieves spasms, causes drowsiness.


Reduces nausea, pain reliever, increases appetite, relieves spasms, antioxidant, muscle relaxant.


Decreases appetite, decreases seizures, bone stimolant.



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